Boarding and Training

We board Miniature Schnauzers that were born at our Farm. The base boarding daily rate is $30.00.   IF YOUR DOG IS NOT NEUTERED AT THE AGE OF 7 MONTHS OF AGE WE CANNOT ACCEPT HIS BOARDING. 

Should your doggie not settle down and is crying, barking or fussing we will need to move it upstairs to live in with us in our upstairs residence.  The boarding charge for this extra care increases to $35.00. 

Should your doggie require daily medication the daily  boarding charge for this extra care increases to $35.00.

Please bring your dog’s food, nothing else.  

Your dog must have its vaccination up-to-date, including Bordetella so be expected to provide your vaccination proof and ensure it is updated annually.

Upon arrival we romp your dog in our Training Ring on a long line.  We examine the reaction of your dog to selected Inside Dogs to ensure that he/she joins up with the Inside Pack.  If your dog does not join up, then we will train your dog on the Rope Leash until he/she is respectful to the Handler.    This extra training is a daily boarding rate of $55.00.

We test your dog on a daily basis and once he/she is off leash trust worthy then your daily boarding rate drops down to $30.00.

We also board Miniature Schnauzers that were not born at our Farm. The base boarding daily rate is $60.00. We charge extra as we must train your dog not to go off of our property. This training is reflected in the below mentioned training entitled “Respectful and Proper Leash Protocol”. Once your dog has joined up with us and does not wish to run off the property then the daily rate drops down to $30.00. 

Bring your dog’s food, nothing else please.

DROP OFF AND PICK UP TIMES ARE :  10am  OR  7pm (if you are late there will be additional charges).

Respectful and Proper Leash Protocol

We are currently revamping our training program and will send out an informative email when we are ready to commence our new program/s.  Therefore there is no additional training available at this time.  We will have additional information by April 1/23.

    Note: All our Doggang members receive a monthly de-flea medication.



      Boarding Request Form



      Do you wish you dog to have a Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Bone in her/his carrier?

      I understand that the dogs who reside and board at Island Miniature Schnauzers are let off leash throughout the day and I understand the risks that come with this.
      Yes, I understand and agree to the off-leash risks

      I understand that my dog may pick up a bacterium or bacteria from around the Farm or from romping in the forest. Sometimes this may cause diarrhea/vomiting and you may need to take your dog to the Vet for medication. IMS is not responsible for any resulting Vet bills.

      Should my pet need medical attention, Island Miniature Schnauzers has my permission to take him/her to Sooke Veterinary Hospital if necessary during this stay and any other future stays at the farm.
      Yes, I agree to the medical attention policy

      Please provide your dog's CRD license # (found on the dog tag):

      In case of a medical emergency, please provide the following information.

      Your Cell #:
      Your Text #:

      With these numbers, we will be able to contact you to obtain your credit card # for any vetting expense. Your credit card # will only be used in a medical emergency and once you receive your dog back your credit card# will be disposed of.

      Thank you for your understanding. Beverley

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      Phone: 778-425-2527

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