Customer’s Testimonials

Just wanted to say hi and thanks again for the love and training with Eddie. We got home safe and sound, Kevin and I are already in love and bonding with the little dude, Anderson is more in the ‘curious but open to it’ phase. First night went well, slept peaceably in his kennel. 
We adore him … Five weeks in and sending some new pics. Eddie is growing like crazy, is fun and confident, and we adore him. Plus he and Anderson have become best pals just as we wanted. 
Brahm, Kevin, Anderson & Eddie, March/April 2021


Judy and I are the fiercely proud mums of 5 year old Max, who is the star of our neighbourhood. Not one day goes by on walks when someone stops  and makes a comment on how gorgeous he looks and how he loves to greet people and be petted. He loves to cuddle and watch TV with us.  He’s a wonderful comfort dog!  Thanks Beverley and “pack” for breeding him to be so respectful and loving!

Carol, Judy and of course, Max, Feb 2021

I am more than happy with Ajax.  He came to me as a 3 year old, retired stud.  He is came well trained and adjusted to my lifestyle very easily.  He is a quiet dog and prefers to growl to alert me that people and dogs are walking down the road if he is looking out the window.  Only occasionally does he bark and it is one bark and that is usually it. 

He is my constant companion and even goes to work with me.  Customers love him and some come in just to see him and cuddle with him. Ajax came into my life when I really needed a furry friend and I really appreciated the trust Beverley had in me to let me adopt Ajax.

Donna, March 2022

 I write this email with such excitement, happiness and gratitude!  Before I go on and on about the amazingness of Harley, I wanted to express our sincerest thanks for this experience at large.  This was not a transaction! This was two families coming together to raise a little soul.  In all our experiences with breeders, never have we ever seen such care, love and dedication for every single litter!  This was the first time we were experienced to “home life training”, which was absolutely amazing! Gail, was so professional with consistent progress reports!  Further to that, our training session at pick up was also new and very welcomed!! Despite this being our fourth dog, you can never stop learning!! This is another example of the care and dedication you give to your litters in raising good natured and disciplined puppies.

 On to Harley!!  Impressed, grateful and humbled are a few words to describe our current emotion!!  She has been an absolute gem since the moment we met her.  Always respectful; when calling her she comes and sits, before exiting a door she sits and waits for us to exit first and always gives gentle kisses and affection.  She has accustomed very well to life at home with us.  She moves from one cozy person and place to the next.  She is learning very quickly to enter her kennel for bed time with only a couple whimpers, which was corrected and solved! She is doing a great job going potty outside.  Only a couple of accidents, which I believe was our fault missing cues and losing track of time.  Even though we will begin training tomorrow, she has already displayed excellent walking discipline, keeping close with no tugging and always watching where our feet are.  She displays some curious puppy behaviours which most times are adorable but have to be corrected.  So work in progress!!  We are so in love with her and just over the moon to have a pup in our house again.  She has exceeded our expectation in great part to your fantastic breeding and training!

Compliments to you ladies for all your diligent efforts!! You know you’re on the right track when complete strangers compliment how well behaved your 12 week puppy is!!

 I write this email with a full heart and never to say this is the end, because this is just the beginning!! We will most definitely be back to the farm for a visit as a whole family!!

The Seca Family, May 2021

Hello gals! We had a tremendous weekend with our new boy! When we initially came in the door he made a beeline straight for Mark and they have become fast friends 🙂 
He definitely has a prance in his step and one of our neighbours nailed it when he said, “that is one proud pup!”
We are camping this week and he settled in to his RV home no problem. As I picked up his bed to take it with us, he jumped in the bed and gave me a look that said, my bed, don’t touch! We laughed so hard. He is very adaptable to new things! Thanks Deb for setting him up for success! He has been entertaining guests everyday and is a social debutante for sure!

Mark, Coleen & Hanzo, June 2022

Rosie is part of the house already, she loves to snuggle and is so quiet and kind. She has settled in really well and has had good walks, peeing and pooping are doing well and she plays with all her toys. You guys there do an awesome job with the pups and we are so glad we found you. Thanks again.

Hi Beverley, Rosie was calm and quiet on the long drive and the busy noisy ferry experience. Once she came into our home she has been awesome. My husband’s face shows the happiness she has brought with her. She has walked, fed, peed and pooped, slept and nosed around the house as if she has been here for a long time. Her nature shows the awesome job you have done. Thank you so much again !!!

Jane & Rosie, July 2022
Just wanted to say, Miss Sophie is doing well. She is a happy, inquisitive little girl. She has her potties training and sleeping through the night down well. She is a joy to me and my mom. She charms everyone.  Having her out and about, I get questions, on where I got her and do I have your card. I have passed on your website and that you are in Sooke.
Gayle & Sophie,  August 2022

We are doing well here with Daisy 🙂 she is fitting in so well with our little family and has quickly become Hazel’s best friend 😉 I hope all is well with everyone on the farm. 

Cheryl, Peter, Hazel & Daisy, July 2022

 We have had 4 full days with our little Lucy!   She is adjusting well to her new home and feeling more and more comfortable and secure.  At first, she was wolfing down her food, but is now slowing down when she eats and drinking plenty of water too.  She loves to play with her new toys and the neighbours have welcomed her warmly and so have their little dogs!   She sleeps in her kennel every night, without a sound from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. in the morning!   And in the morning, we go out to the dog run to go potty and then it’s breakfast time! 

 She leaps effortlessly  onto our bed by way of the ottoman at the end of it and settles in on our pillows, lol, and Roger reminds me that she’s a terrier!   She loves  to be cuddled, and kissed and nuzzled!  She just melts in our arms.  She let us brush and comb her today which has been a challenge.  She is starting to trust us. We had friends over on Friday night, and they patted her and then she spent some quiet time in her playpen and allowed us to dine and socialize.

I had called our vet the day after we picked Lucy up but the next available appt for a check up was Nov. 22nd which we booked!   We also have an appt for her spaying on January 5th, but we are on the cancellation list for December.

 She has made us smile and  laugh and we are truly amazed at her intelligence and her agility!   We can feel our beloved Jasper smiling with us. Thank you again for the “training” you have included — it has made a huge difference in her adjustment.   Deb was wonderful in reviewing some key training points.  Vivienne did a thorough job of exposing Lucy to so many life experiences!  It was so good of her to communicate with us regularly and provide helpful insights about Lucy. 

We have never experienced this kind of support in all the years that we raised puppies!   It is truly an incredible system.  We are glad not to be purchasing treats and admire the reward system you have recommended.  It works and creates a true bond of love and caring energy between us and our puppy! 

Thank you for everything!

Silla, Roger & Lucy, October 2022
P.S.  Hugs and kisses from Lucy who is going to be 6 months old on Nov. 3rd!

We bought white chocolate schnauzer named Chester.  We changed his name to Ozzy and he is still going strong.  We live in Surrey but camp a lot he is up for anything and chill when we are.  Wanted to thank you we are so happy with our purchase.   The pictures you sent me home with.  He’s been a such a great great dog.

Heather & Chester, November 2022


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