We at Island Miniature Schnauzers utilize both Otter Point and Sooke Veterinarian Clinics for our puppy and dog medical care. They have attended to all our puppies’ needs for 16 plus years. We have realized a 98% positive health record.

We feed Purina ProPlan and will provide the name of the type and quantity that you would feed your puppy/dog.  Remember do not give your puppy/dog treats or human food as these foods will upset your canine’s gut and could cause thousand of dollars of vet bills.  

We de-flea our packs on a monthly basis.

We highly recommend that you purchase medical coverage for your puppy as Veterinarian procedures are extremely expensive.  

Teacups (6 lbs. at maturity) and Toys (10 lbs. at maturity) have the same amount of teeth as larger dogs.  Which means that their little mouths could have retained puppy teeth that will need to be removed at the time of their spay or neuter procedure.


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