Puppy, Dog and People Training Videos.

We are ever so pleased to finally have available our JOIN UP, BE ONE, HAVE FUN puppy, dog and people training videos.

As mentioned to many of our Customers and Friends, the 1st. video is the cornerstone of our training methodology video series.

The first video teaches you how and why our treat less JOIN UP, BE ONE, HAVE FUN training methodologies are so easy to learn and how meaningful this training is to both yourself and your puppy/dog.

JOIN UP, BE ONE, HAVE FUN training teaches both the human and the canine how to benefit from the seamless calm energy gift of our Mother Earth.

You, your family, children, friends and your canine will naturally benefit from our simple and proven training methodologies.

Both the talents of our Videographer, Soren, and our Web Designer, Jane, have assisted us in offering our training talents to all of you.

Enjoy and learn how to become one with each other. Look for more training videos in 2024.

Beverley Boyce

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