Boarding Request Form



    If your dog is over 7 months of age and has not been altered, then we will charge you $30.00/day.

    Pick up and Delivery Service: (choose one)
    Yes, pick up and deliverNo pick up and delivery

    If yes, pick and delivery is fulfilled at 12:00 noon.

    Your dog will self romp up in our forest and get very dirty. Do you want him/her to get a bath before the return date? The price is $30. (When we give your dog a bath, we are required to comb/brush out her/his coat first. This takes up to 1/2 of labour).

    Do you want your dog's nails trimmed? The price is $10
    If your dog's nails are long, we will trim them and invoice you the price.

    I understand that the dogs who reside and board at Island Miniature Schnauzers are let off leash throughout the day and I understand the risks that come with this.
    Yes, I understand and agree to the off-leash risks

    Should my pet need medical attention, Island Miniature Schnauzers has my permission to take him/her to Sooke Veterinary Hospital if necessary during this stay and any other future stays at the farm.
    Yes, I agree to the medical attention policy

    Please provide your dog's CRD license # (found on the dog tag):

    In case of a medical emergency, please provide the following information.

    Your Cell #:
    Your Text #:

    With these numbers, we will be able to contact you to obtain your credit card # for any vetting expense. Your credit card # will only be used in a medical emergency and once you receive your dog back your credit card# will be disposed of.

    Thank you for your understanding. Beverley