It has come to my attention that Campylobacter is becoming prevalent in the world dog population.

Campylobacter is a bacterial infection that resides in the gut of humans, cats, dogs, sheep, cattle and etc.

50% of canine population has this bacteria in their system. Outbreaks can be caused by drinking affected water, eating raw meat, stress, injury, in contact with affected carriers and the list goes on.

This bacteria is not completely understood, however, it is on the increase. Puppies are most likely to show signs of hosting this bacteria as their little bodies have not built up sufficient immunities.

Symptoms of this outbreak are the following: loose stools, minor to severe diarrhea, anal mucus discharge, loss of appetite, “butt-dragging”, etc. In adult dogs, this outbreak will run its course and thus allowing the dog to build immunities to this host. In puppies, do not allow these symptoms to persist for more than two days.

For treatment take a fresh stool sample to your Vet for microscopic evaluation. Your Vet will supply you with a prescription of antibiotics which will kill the bacteria colony within hours.

Remember to provide your friend with fresh water and to daily do your poop scoop due-diligence.

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