Feeding Your Miniature Schnauzer

Our puppies and adults are fed IAMS dog chow.

Once you take your puppy home we recommend that you do not change the puppy’s food until he/she has been at your home for at least one week.  After that point, with the assistance of your Vet, you may change its dog food.  But remember, do so over a week’s duration to ensure that your puppy does not develop diarrhea.

Miniature Schnauzers cannot tolerate a high protein diet, so it is our recommendation that the protein level of your puppy and dog chow should follow the below listed percentages:

Puppy 26%

Adult 22%

As well as, do not over feed your beloved Miniature Schnauzer as they will become overweight quickly and this condition could cause Diabetics, Pancreatitis and other serious health conditions.

As a rule, Teacups (up to 6 lbs.) and Toys (up to 10 lbs.) should receive ¼ cup of chow twice a day and Petites (11 – 13 lbs.)  and Miniatures (14 – 23 lbs.) should receive 1/3 cup of chow twice a day.



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