Setting Up Your Dog For Daily Success

It is very important that you teach your Miniature Schnauzer the elements of “Setting Up” for success. The basics of this training is as follows:

· Teach your puppy/dog to sit and stay on command

Once you both have mastered this command, then use it in any and every situation that requires your dog to pay attention to you. For example, there is a knock at the door…before you open the door, set up your dog by instructing him/her to sit and stay.

Once your dog is sitting, keep your eye on him with your hand still in the “stay” position and open the door. While still keeping your dog in the sitting position, explain to your visitor that your dog is in training and to wait just a moment. Keep your dog in the stay position until your visitor is inside your home.
Release your dog with the command “ok” , allowing your dog to greet your visitor. No jumping up and no barking are allowed.

This “Setting Up” command is used in any and every situation when your dog is coming unglued or you anticipate that he will come unglued.

Another example could be when you are walking on the trail and there are bouncing dogs racing towards you. Again set your dog up with the “sit” and “stay” command and await for the approaching dogs. Speak to your dog to keep him/her quiet and collected. Once the dogs have arrived and they seem to be friendly, then you release your dog with the command “ok”. No growling is allowed.

Sit and Stay training and The Setting Up training sequences will be documented and videoed in the New Year. They will be available from the “Videos For Sale” tab.

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