Zoe and Frankie’s Litter – Born July 24th – $4327.05 each – Home Life Training, Customer Training, Training Video, Grooming, Products and Taxes included

Well these two sure presented us with a brightly coloured litter of puppies.  This is Zoe’s first litter.  She delivered the 6 puppies all on her own as we were busy grooming and training that morning.  Zoe and Frankie’s pictures will be posted by the end of July.  

Zoe was always an upfront girl on our forest trails so we are not surprised that she handled all the birthing so calmly.

Puppy dependent they will range in maturity size from 12-14 lbs.  

You will be able to come and visit your puppy when it is 7 weeks of age.  It will be ready to go home at 10 weeks of age.

This video was filmed on August 26th:





































Here are the “trunk pictures”: