NO CHARGE TO THE RIGHT PERSON – White and Cream Coloured Male Neutered Miniature Schnauzer – DOB: April 3, 2020 – He is up to date on his vaccinations and dental work.

Cooper came back to us in January due to the fact that he was not a good match with his family.  We have been retraining him since then. 

We are looking for the new Owner who wants Cooper to be with her/him at all times.   We are looking for an active new Owner who jogs or fast walks daily as Cooper loves to travel for kms. 

When you come to meet Cooper, he will let us know if he likes her/him – he is very clear about choosing a person to be his friend.

Cooper is a large Miniature Schnauzer who has a great recall; loves his Handler and is respectful on the rope leash.  Cooper requires an alpha handler who always provides him with guidance and love.

If you are interested in meeting Cooper, please fill out our Puppy Purchase Form.   We will review the form and will discuss with you this opportunity over the telephone.

Here is a short video of him:


Here is a training video of Cooper working with Deb utilizing the Umbilical Hands-Free Leashing Technique.  This method is great for joggers or fast walkers. 


Here are two videos of Mr. Cooper working in the ring with Ms. Deb: