Keeper and Frankie’s Litter – DOB: August 26th, 2023 – $2777.25 Each – Price Includes: Training Rope Leash, Socialization Training; Training Videos; Customer Training; De-Worming; 2 Sets Of Puppy Vaccinations; Micro-Chipping; Veterinarian Wellness Exam; OFA Eye Exam; Blood Testing (Pre And Post Bile Acids); Puppy Fluff Grooming And Taxes.


The following Veterinary Clinics are utilized for vetting our puppies:

Island Veterinary Eye Specialist, Dr. Osinchuk – checking for cataracts – ALL THESE PUPPIES HAVE PASSED THEIR EYE EXAMS

Sooke Veterinary Hospital, Owner:  Dr. Lambert and Associate Veterinarians – Pre and Post Bile Acids Testing, as well as, a Wellness Examination – THIS TEST IS UPCOMING.

For those who follow our videos on our YouTube Channel, (Beverley Boyce Channel), you will remember that our beautiful Keeper was the dog that got attacked by an Owl.  Keeper lost an eye and received two holes in her skull.  After many weeks of vetting and loving,  Keeper pulled through this horrific accident and is once again loving life at our Farm.  

She presented us with four beautiful puppies.  There are 2 males up for sale.  Puppy dependent, these puppies will develop into beautiful Miniature Schnauzers ranging in weight from 14-18 lbs.  These puppies will be available to join  up with you and yours from November 17th, 2023 on wards.

To arrange for a Farm visit, simply fill out our Puppy Interest Form.    

Here is their group picture:













Here is a video of these kids:



Yoshi is on the left (male);  Yana is in the middle (female) and Yamin is on the right (male).  Please note that the two chocolates will turn silver/cream in color.  We will be able to appreciate their coloring as they become more mobile and are moved to our Office.  Their individual pictures will be forthcoming.

Yoshi – Chocolate Male – This puppy will turn into an absolutely stunning dog.  He will mature in the range of 14 – 16 lbs.  He will turn into a cream silver – his feet will remain white –  DEPOSITED UPON











Yamin – Chocolate Male -This puppy will also turn into an absolutely stunning dog.  He will mature in the range of 14 – 16 lbs.  He will turn into a cream silver.  Look at those eyes – windows into his soul!  –  AVAILABLE


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