DEPOSITED UPON – Rare Golden Coloured Female Miniature Schnauzer – DOB: June 17/22 – Purchased from Maximilian Schnauzers – UTD on Core Vaccinations and Dental Cleaning

Sunshine:  $1500.00 – without Home Life Training

Sunshine:   $1605.00 – with Home Life Training

We call this beauty “Sunshine”.  She is extremely loving and very easy to train.  Sunshine will fit into any life style and any family…from seniors to children.  Her golden coat colour description  is “Wheaton”.  Sunshine is intact.

She is well socialized and weighs 11.2 lbs.  She is crate trained and potty trained.  Sunshine has an under byte.










To arrange for a Farm visit simply fill out our Puppy/Dog Interest Form.


We highly recommend that you purchase Home Life Training, an additional training package we offer our customers.

Home Life Training is a one-week training program where the puppy/dog goes off-site the week prior to pickup to learn potty training, sleeping quietly in a carrier (all night) training, quiet behavior during separation, grooming handling, socialization with adults, children and dogs, rope leash and off-leash training. Note this training week is not an owner participation event. There is communication with you and the trainer throughout the week, and at the end of the week you will be provided a full report covering training objectives and outcomes to help you continue training.

Puppies/dogs are exposed to a wide variety of stimuli: car rides, residential walks, trail walks, the beach, stores, dogs, cats and people socializing, household appliances, music/TV, singing, and laughter, potty training, on-leash walking, off leash walking, stairs, socializing, children, cuddling, recall, quiet behaviour during separation/kennel training, no barking, car travel and loading, handling, brushing, and neighbours.

We teach them to listen to our breathing to anticipate our next command, quietly walk on trails and sidewalks without lunging, pulling or barking, go into stores with confidence and respectfully greet other doggies and people out in public.

The benefit of this training is that when you pick up your puppy to go to their forever home, training/exposure has already begun. This helps you get over the initial hurdles of training and builds confidence in your puppy for their new life with you. It’s a big world out there and young puppies have only experienced a very small portion of it since birth. It allows you to continue your training with a more confident puppy, who has been setup for success. Our trainers have been educated how to introduce all these steps, making the transition to the real world much less stressful for you and your puppy. People are amazed when they run into our trainers and see such a young puppy so confident, strutting their stuff on a rope leash, sitting and remaining calm before a task or meeting other doggies with confidence and respect.

The cost of this training is $300+gst ($315 total) and is money well spent to help setup a solid foundation for you and your new addition.

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