Puppy Purchase Form

The Puppy Purchase Form is used to indicate which puppies (choice of 2) that you and your family are interested in.

This form will assist us in the establishment of the following criteria:

  • Energy level of your family
  • Description of your residence
  • Ages of your children, if applicable
  • Life style of your family
  • Your puppy expectations
  • Other animals at your residence – description, including ages, medical needs etc.
  • Your daily schedule

    Puppy Purchase Form

    Please use this form for Puppy Purchases only, not for comments.

    Tell us a little about you:

    Check out our puppies from the 2-3 month category; 3.5 - 5 month category. Fill out the information that is listed below:

    Name of Litter:
    Name of Puppy: (only list 2 puppies):

    Name of Litter:
    Name of Puppy (only list 2 puppies):

    Once you have indicated your 2 puppy choices, then you will send us a deposit of $1,000.00 via an etransfer to: info@islandminiatureschnauzers.com.
    Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you an initial receipt of your puppy investment. Please refer to your puppy posting/s to educate yourself on the puppy viewing/choose dates/times.

    Once we have received your etransfer we will commence our detailed puppy communique to you and yours. $100.00 of this deposit will be applied to our Empowerment Program

    When you choose your puppy, you provide a deposit of $1000.00. This deposit is fulfilled by an etransfer, This deposit will remove your puppy from the marketplace, as well as, a portion of your deposit is allocated to the less fortunate. Here are the particulars:

    $50.00 to Sooke Food Bank, or, your choice of a Food Bank.
    Name of your Food Bank:

    $50.00 Ukranian War Fund






    1 km.1 km. - 2 kms.Over

    Do any of your children have physical or mental challenges?

    Your residence:

    Do you have permission to have a puppy/dog?YesNo

    Do you have a fenced yard?

    Your fenced yard MUST be fully fenced with no possibility of a puppy or dog getting out, thank you, Beverley

    What type of puppy are you looking for?


    When you fly, would you like to take your dog in the cabin with you?