JACKIE AND SILVERTON’S LITTER – Born Feb. 21st./2021 – $3500.00 – $4,000.00 each – products and services are extra – WE WILL BE CONTACTING PEOPLE FROM OUR PUPPY WAITING LIST.

 Jackie was bred to Silverton to attempt to get a white female – and we did!  As well as, we received a white male; two black females (they may turn Silver) and two black and white females, who also may turn silver and white.

There are 4 puppies available from this litter.   We’ll know the colouring as the puppies mature – when they are approximately 4 weeks of age.  The two solid white puppies are staying at our Farm.   I will contact people from our Puppy Waiting List.

Here is their litter picture There is a black and white female that is under Jackie’s paw:






Here are their trunk pictures:


















 Here is a picture of the puppies enjoying Jim’s lap.  They just completed their Puppy  Romping Room training: