IMS One Day Training Course for Small Adult Dogs Up to 30 lbs

Are you frustrated with your dog barking on the trail, showing aggression towards other dogs, pulling on the leash, barking at the door, not coming to you when you call; barking in your yard; showing no respect to you or others – simply acting out?

IMS will teach you how to control your dog in a quiet, non-lunging matter. Our training technique utilizes your energy, focused intent, voice and rope leash. This technique is called “Join up, Be One and Have Fun” training. You will work with us, your own dog, as well as dogs on the farm to mimic a busy trail/sidewalk as well as other tools to demonstrate various issues and how to work through them.

Learning this technique is easy and you will once again experience joy and harmony with your dog and your family members. It builds you a foundation of training techniques that you can then apply to every situation.

We never give our dogs treats – we simply provide clear training indications with our expectations and once achieved we provide lots of praise and love. Your dog will learn how to please you. Our technique helps you to become confident in your training without the distraction of your current issues or old habits.

Our training is performed by Beverley Boyce, Master Trainer and Deb Bottomley, Senior Trainer.  There will be a maximum of 4 students per class, allowing focused attention to each trainee.

Dates:  Saturday, May 27  (successfully completed), June 24, July 22, August 12 August 26, September 3, October 1, October 7, October 15, October 21, October 29, December 9, December 10.

Location:  @ the Farm … 2276 Kemp Lake Rd., Sooke, BC

Hours:  10am-2pm

The day’s training outline will teach you:

  • To calmly, quietly and respectfully walk your dog
  • how to use your breath, body language; how to provide your dog with exact and clear expectations with the support of the rope leash
  • how to train your dog to “go lie down” (spot training)
  • how to train your dog to be quiet at the door when someone arrives
  • how to train your dog to be quiet at your fence line
  • how to manage your dog out on the trail when there are dogs running around out-of-control.

Your payment of $120+$6 GST =$126

Here is the link to enable you to register and pay for the class of your choice.  (Link is being developed).  

Bring youself, your dog and rope leash (or you can purchase a rope leash from us for $25+$3 GST/PST=$28 Total). 




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