Honey’s and Raider’s Puppies – Born August 29th – $4327.05 each – price includes Home Life Training, Products, Training Video, Customer Training and Puppy Fluff Grooming

This is Honey’s last litter as she is nearing age 3.  Look at the beauty of this litter…especially the golden Wheaton (he will be Gary’s new dog so he will be staying at the Farm).

The demeanor of these puppies will match the parent’s mental characteristics – kind, respectful, quiet, loving and agile.  These puppies will mature in the range of 12-14 lbs.

All our puppies are socialized for six weeks and receive Home Life Training for one week prior to going home.  They also receive two sets of vaccinations – Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus and  Parainfluenza.   All puppies are pre and post bile acid tested (ensures the internal health of the puppy, especially the condition of it’s liver). 

You, the Customer, will receive access to our puppy training video, as well as, receive training on how to keep your puppy well trained.

You will be able to come and visit your puppy when it is 7 weeks of age.  It will be ready to go home at 10 weeks of age.

Available Puppies:   4 males:  2 chocolates, 2 blacks;  1 female:  black

To choose and deposit on a puppy, simply fill out our Farm Visit form, indicating which litter, which gender and which colour that you wish.  We will contact you from the Farm Visit form.  Your initial deposit is $500.00.  This deposit will be applied to the purchase price of your puppy.  If you change your mind, we will refund $300.00 of the deposit. 

We look forward  in receiving your Farm Visit form to enable us to match up a puppy for you and yours.