Eli – Our Beautiful Robust Chocolate Miniature Schnauzer Neutered Male is up for sale!!! DOB: Jan. 20, 2022 – $2395.75 – Price Includes: Neutering, Rope Leash, Socialization Training; Training Videos; 1 Week Of Off-Site Training (HLT); Customer Training; De-Worming; 3 Sets Of Core Vaccinations; Teeth Cleaning; Micro-Chipping; Veterinarian Wellness Exam; Blood Testing (Pre And Post Bile Acids); Grooming And Taxes.

Eli is Wolfgang’s Son – just look at the resemblance of Wolfgang!  Eli is simply gorgeous.   We have decided to sell Eli as we are down sizing our Packs.  We will still breed in a smaller format, still offer boarding and of course still offer training. 

Eli has completed his Home Life Training and is available to join up with you and yours.  Eli would appreciate a fenced yard.  Simply fill out our Puppy/Dog Interest Form to request a scheduled Farm Visit to meet him and his Father (Wolfgang).  His Mother, Blue, has been sold. 

Eli has the intelligence and ease-of-train attributes that our Wolfgang displays.  He will excel in any canine sports due to his agility and mental ability. 

Look how beautiful he is – he looks just like Wolfgang:


 Here are some training videos of Eli working with Ms. V, one of our Trainers




Here is his Home Life Training Report:

HOME LIFE TRAINING REPORT for Eli – September 2023

I and my two dogs, Simon a 2-year-old Miniature Schnauzer and Kya, my older mixed breed, and my partner had the pleasure joining up with Eli for a week of Home Life Training.  He is a little treasure and easy to fall in love with. If I didn’t already have a full house, I would have loved to keep him.

Eli is such a good boy; gentle, friendly, respectful, playful, super affectionate and a quick learner.  He wants to be a people pleaser.  He is very trainable, always looking to see what I want from him. He is the type of dog that will have a very strong bond with whoever is lucky enough to be his human.  He loves to be held and cuddled and got along well with our two dogs.

Eli had exposure to a wide variety of stimuli: car rides, forest walks, dogs, horse and people socializing, blender, vacuum, music and laughter.  While Eli was with us, we worked on potty training, socializing, on and off leash walking, stairs, kennel training, no barking, car travel cuddling, recall, quiet behaviour during separation/kennel training, car travel, handling, brushing, and cleaning.

He is getting much more comfortable with car rides, walking on the rope leash, and going in stores.  He is an absolute joy to walk with.  I had such an enjoyable walk on the beach with him the day before returning him. He is walking right beside me with very little correction. We have gone for hour long walks, and he does very well.  Consistency and time will give him even more confidence. One thing to especially note, is that since he’s a bit cautious with new people, make sure that new people take time to introduce themselves to him, one by one.  By the end of the week, he was approaching people on his own.

Eli had no accidents in the house all week, he knows to go potty outside.  I take him out in the morning and after meals and say “go potty” and praise him when he goes. Praise (not treats) is important to reinforce this good behaviour.

He is comfortable in his carrier.  He goes in with no fuss at bedtime, after a nice cuddle of course. He is quiet until taken out in the morning. We just announce Eli, carrier and in he goes and remains nice and quiet until morning.

For training, I left Eli loose with my dogs in the house when I went out for a few minutes, he was great. I would put a used pair of socks in his bed when I went out, he ended up carrying them around and looked so happy about it.  I also put him in his carrier covered with a blanket every day for about an hour to keep him used to it. This allows you to have free time away from your dog, and allows you to be able to take him anywhere (ie hotels like to have dogs crated).  I would never allow Eli out of his carrier until he was calm. Be confident with Eli, don’t ask him.  He will be trying to figure out who is alpha and that is you.

I typically use Beverley’s “puppy-puppy-puppeeee” call to get dogs back or get their attention; her phrasing seems to be imprinted on the puppies while at the farm and they respond very well to it. Praise and pats would follow when the dog would listen. However, as the week went on Eli responded well to his name, so I only used pup pup…when he didn’t come to his name, and he would come racing back when called excitedly and repeatedly, and always praised highly when he came. He is so cute when he runs back.

To correct Eli, I would try a physical distraction or say, “Quit it!”, “Quiet!” or “No!”.  I would also employ phrases such as “Ah-Ah-Ah”, or “Oy-Oy-Oy”, using a lower tone to get his attention.

Eli is a very special dog, so gentle and well behaved, one that we won’t soon forget.  He will be missed, especially his cuddles. 

Vivienne Prentis

Home Life Trainer,
Island Miniature Schnauzers

Sooke, BC


Look how sweet Eli is:

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