Chapter Five

Videos included in this series:
– RubyKins Puppies Playing in Office
– Various Puppies Playing in Office
– Going Home with Max
– LadyBelleII’s Puppies
– Going Home with Louis
– TobyGirl and Robert Going Home
– Going Home with Lilly
– Raider Before his Haircut
– Dana Socializing with RubyKins Puppies
– Raider after his Haircut
– Puppy Romp Room with RubyKins Puppies and Jim
– Maxamillion with his new Outfit and Genevieve
– First Snow Storm
– Pack #2 Up in the Forest
– RubyKins Litter performing Potty Chores
– Jackie’s new born Puppies
– Jackie’s Puppies
– Puppy Romping Room with LadyBelleII Puppies and Jim
– Breathing, Visualization and Voice Dog Training