Brutus – neutered male – up to date on all vaccinations and dental care – DOB: December 20, 2021 – FREE TO CORRECT HOME

Brutus has been returned twice, so we will be very careful where he is rehomed next.   We have had similar doggie situations whereas the third rehoming was the charm.

I have retrained Brutus to be quiet at the door and to be quiet on his walk abouts.  Brutus has the Miniature Schnauzer stubborn streak and therefore requires a calm yet assertive Handler.

We are looking for a person who lives in an apartment or a condo who wants a jogging partner.   Brutus requires to be run or jogged each day for at least one hour.

We wish that his new Owner will work from home as Brutus loves to be near his human.  It is best that Brutus travels with an umbilical (hands-free) leashing device.  Please no cats as Brutus will chase a cat and no children as they get him too excited. 

I will train the right person how to walk or jog Brutus utilizing the Umbilical Leashing Method and how to keep him calm at all times  Brutus is crate and play pen trained.  He is potty trained.  

The correct person will display his/her capabilities in walking and controlling Brutus after they have been trained by myself in our ring.

Simply fill out our Dog Interest Form if you are interested in being interviewed to become Brutus’ new Partner.




Here is  a video of Brutus off leashing and then swimming in our pond:


Look how cute he is:


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