Behavioral Training – for small dogs and puppies


Are you frustrated with your dog/puppy barking on the trail, showing aggression towards other dogs, pulling on the leash, barking at the door, not coming to you when you call; barking in your yard; showing no respect to you or others – simply acting out?

IMS will teach you how to control your dog in a quiet, non-lunging matter. Our training technique utilizes your energy, focused intent, voice and rope leash. No treats are used with our training.  This technique is called “Join up, Be one and Have fun” training.

Learning this technique is easy. You will learn how to once again experience joy and harmony with your dog and your family members.

We never give our dogs treats – we simply provide clear training indications with our expectations and once achieved we provide lots of praise and love. Your dog will learn how to please you. Our technique helps you to become confident in your training without distraction of your current issues or old habits.

Our training is performed by Beverley Boyce, Master Trainer and Deb Bottomley, Senior Trainer.

IMS offers a 2 month certified dog/puppy training course.  There are 2 courses per month; each course has a duration of 5 hours  – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  These classes are sequential resulting in the Handler and their dog/puppy to fully understand and compliantly fulfill each set of commands before commencing on the next course. 

After each 5 hour course, the Attendees go home and practice with their dog the lessons that they were taught.   The next course (in 2 weeks time) there will be a review with each set of students to ensure that the dogs/puppies fully understand and fulfill the last course. 

January 31, 2023  – We are currently building the course outline – More information will be added to this tab.