Behavioral Training


Are you frustrated with your dog barking on the trail, showing aggression towards other dogs, pulling on the leash, barking at the door – simply acting out?

IMS will teach you how to control your dog in a quiet, non-lunging matter. Our training technique utilizes your energy, focused intent, voice and rope leash. This technique is called “Join up, Be one and Have fun” training.

Learning this technique is easy. You will learn how to once again experience joy and harmony with your dog and your family members.

We never give our dogs treats – we simply provide clear training indications with our expectations and once achieved we provide lots of praise and love. Your dog will learn how to please you. Our technique helps you to become confident in your training without distraction of your current issues or old habits.

Our next training session will be hold on August 21st, 2022, commencing at 10:00 and ending at 3:00.  This training is held in our Training Ring at our Farm and up in our Forest.  

Our training is performed by Beverley Boyce, Master Trainer and Deb Bottomley, Senior Trainer.

Attendees – Logistics:

Bring your dog,  (up to 30 lbs.), carrier and water bowl.
Parking will be in front of our downstairs door – we will have our Associates assist with the parking logistics.
We will be enjoying our lunch on top of our Mountain.  After our morning training we all will travel up through our Forest; traverse along our pond docks and up to the up of our Mountain where we will enjoy our lunch (supplied) with our off leashed doggies.  


10:00 – 3:00 – $200.00 per Person

1-on-1 Training (5 registered Customers-registration form is below).

Training Description:

We will be inviting 5 Customers who have “perceived” problems with their Miniature Schnauzer.
This invitation is fulfilled via our website; here is the form:


    Please email to Deb ( proof of vaccinations, including Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and 2 short (1/2 – 1 minute) videos which will depict your challenges.

    List up to 2 descriptions of your challenges that you are experiencing with your dog. Provide a video of each challenge – ½ minute – 1 minute in duration.

    Deb, our Senior Trainer, will contact you to confirm, discuss training logistics and to obtain payment. Payment reserves your spot.

    IMS will describe the challenge and then invite the Customer to walk their dog in the ring, displaying their challenges.

    Deb and I will simulate the difficulties that the Customer and dog are experiencing – i.e. barking at the door, lunging at other dogs on the trail etc. Then we’ll ask the Customer to pass their dog to either Deb or myself and we will ask the Customer to sit back down while we display how to rectify the unwanted mannerisms.

    We will repeat this procedure with each of the Customers’ dogs. Once all have been retrained then the 5 Customers will be asked to walk in the ring showcasing their dogs in the training ring. This will reinforce to you that our technique is effective and builds confidence in you, the Handler, that you are able to be in charge and communicate your expectations to your dog. Join Up, Be one and Have Fun!

    We will simulate plenty of on-the-trail situations; in-the-home situations as we provide guidance to the participants – both human and canine.

    When the training has been completed, we will all go up in the Forest with our doggies.  Lunch will be served on top of the mountain.  While we are enjoying our lunch and our doggies we will further discuss the morning trainings.

    Off leashing and recall training will be practiced while we travel back through the Forest.  

    We will have a question-and-answer period after this training. Training diplomas/graduation pictures will be provided.

    Our Senior Trainer, Deb Bottomley, will confirm your attendance and obtain your payment.